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If you do not want to leave your job or start a business on a full-time basis, there are some smart ways to earn a passive income alongside your employment. On this page you will get tips on scrapping your first million or making extra money each month.

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A trading platform that enables latest solutions

Many traders use the term "the trend is you friend" and there is a lot of truth in. Many beginners try to find the exact turning point. The lowest price you can buy in order to sell at the top. If you want to be successful trades, just forget about this dream. The right way to think is to try to find the trend and ride it a little bit along the way.

  • Pivot Strategy This strategy consists in short of a moving average and seven shots.
  • Correlation strategy The correlation strategy can help you decide in what direction you should take your swingtrades.
  • Trend Follow StrategyThe right way to think is to try to find the trend and ride it a little bit along the way.
Best trading platforms 2018

Trading platforms you can rely on:


AvaTrade is the world's leading forex & CFD broker and proud to become a partner with Manchester City. Shop for over 250 different instruments, including. 24-hour trade on kryptovalutor!


Casa De La Crypto

CDLCrypto is an international company headquartered in Madrid, which has been operating since 2008. We will help you become a part of the crypto-currency market and start earning on it. More and more traders invest in Bitcoin and Alts, because they are confident in their prospects


IQ Option

IQ Option Ltd (also known as IQ Option) is one of the network's new binary trading brokers. On this page you can read our iqoption review on them. IQ Option may be especially interesting for a little more experienced trader who wants to try the new trading method or their system.


FX Club

Forex Club is a well-known international brand in the online investment and trading market. Since 1997, it has helped clients to invest and trade a wide range of financial instruments, including currencies, shares of world-leading companies, gold and other metals, oil and gas, stock indices.


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Best Trading Platforms 2018

Best Platform for trading in England

This list consists of famous cryptotraders and platforms in England who share their trade on Twitter and that you should follow. Which trades are best do you wonder? It's hard to find out, therefore, here we have based rankings in the list of how each trader is presented online. For those beginners engaged in short term trading, these platforms are like lanterns in the dark, giving advice and tips on buying shares and doing the best multiplication of your investments.

  • Avatrade
  • Forex
  • IQ Oprion
  • FX Club
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Frequency Asked Questions

Where does bitcoins value from?

Bitcoins are worth something simply because there is a demand. That there is a demand depends on the characteristics of bitcoins that make them suitable as money. In order to be useful for something as money, Bitcoins meet denomination better than cash and just as well as the money in a bank account.

How can one sell Bitcoin

Selling bitcoin can be done in much the same way as you buy them, but in reverse. But there are more options. Because it's very quick to transfer bitcoin between different online services, you can buy bitcoin on a particular site and then transfer them to another site and sell them there. Here's how to take into account why you sell their bitcoin. For example, if you want to get their bitcoin in a regular currency, it is advisable to choose a service that can transfer the amount to a bank account in the country you want their money. As a Swedish citizen with a Swedish bank account, it may therefore be advisable to choose a Swedish player who has connections to Swedish bank accounts. Getting a dollar balance from Japanese Mtgox to a Swedish bank account can take a very long time. However, if you want to pay the money to a Chinese bank account, you can choose a Chinese stock exchange or exchange office, such as BTC China.

Where can I trade Bitcoin? Where can I buy Bitcoin online?

At Casa De La Crypto, you can store and multiply your bitcoin easily and safely, as well as purchase bitcoin through a European Bank Transfer (SEPA). On Casa De La Crypto you can buy bitcoins by other individuals. You make up with the person about how the purchase should go, for example can you decide to meet somewhere to switch cash to bitcoins. At the moment, it is primarily in London and Liverpool that English sellers can be found. In addition, there are a number of international exchanges where fees are often lower, but keep in mind that even though the fee for the purchase itself is small, there may be charges for bank transfer / currency exchange. At you can see which are the biggest BTC / USD exchange sites right now. Many services require that you first verify your account by sending a copy of ID, e.g. a passport.

What is Bitcoin wallet? Create Bitcoin wallet online...

Wallets that store bitcoins can be divided into three categories. The first type is a wallet which stores bitcoins locally on your device. Which is this case, is an example original client from the official bitcoin website. If you choose to save your bitcoins on your own computer, there needs to be taken some extra security aspects. In case you remove the wallet file or your hard disk crashes, your currency will most likely be gone. It is essentially important to make sure you take backups, after all, it's an advantage of digital money, that you can copy them and have them in several places. However, keep in mind that these backups are safe! Software wallets are Bitcoin wallets that work through devices connected to the Internet such as computers, mobile phones or tablets. Since software bills generate private keys on a device that is connected to the Internet, these keys can not be considered 100% safe. E-wallets store your private keys online, and they are encrypted with a password that you choose by yourself. Even though these offer a lower level of security, online Bitcoin wallets have the advantage that you can reach them from any connected device. Bitcoin wallets for Android There is a wide range of wallets for Android. When Bitcoin wallets were banned in the Apple App Store, many developers focused on creating apps for Android instead. Bitcoin wallets for iOS and iPhone Apple banned Bitcoin wallpapers from the App Store in February 2014, but regretted its decision just a few months later. Nowadays, however, there are many options for iOS users too.

What is blockchain? And how blockchain works?

To understand how Bitcoin works, you must first know a bit about encryption, blockchain and more specifically about assymetric encryption. We will not go into the details of this in this text but very briefly, it is special with assymetric encryption that two different encryption keys are used for encryption and decryption, respectively. This allows the key for encryption, the "public" key, to spread freely. Anyone with the help of this can encrypt a message with the knowledge that only you who have access to the "private" key can decrypt the message. Within Bitcoin, the public part of such a key pair (or actually a hashning of the public section) is called a Bitcoin address. An address has a balance and anyone can send money to it, so the address can be resembled to an account number. To send money from an address, you need to know the private key.

Best trading apps 2018

Smooth and easy access to thousands of markets. Our apps give you access to a large selection of markets, including:

Shop for low-priced foreign exchange markets, such as EUR / USD and AUD / USD from 0.6 points

Trade main coins and alt coins without maturity, including BTC, LTC, ETH and many others

Top Platform

Casa De La Crypto

  • Name:Casa De La Crypto
  • Type:Trading Platform
  • Verified: Yes
  • Platform: BTC and ETH
  • General turnover: 675,050.5865 BTC
General description

Cryptoland will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

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